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Self-Pacing through CLE units ?

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I'm just wondering if anyone here has let their children self pace through their Light Units? I am currently doing 1st grade with my 2 boys and they are doing well. We do one lesson per day. I like that the lessons are short and to the point but I think doing this might be a bit slow for them.


One of my boys gets a bit frustrated that he knows the facts being introduced as an example. We are doing LU 101 in Math. I was wondering if it would be ok to just let them work ahead and just help them with the new concepts as they come up. My thinking is that if they don't understand it, they won't be able to complete it and ask for help. Now, if I do this, I will have one child ahead of the other because I have one that is a get it done type of kid and the other needs that added push.


Any ideas other than self pacing that would help this situation? They are 5 and 6. I also have a little one that just turned 4 that I'd like to start working with so if the older 2 can work more independently, that would be big help.

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I wouldn't just let them loose at those ages because I want to make sure that they completely understand the concepts. One thing I've done in the past with a kid that is picking things up easily is do the "new" section of two lessons and the "remember" of the last lesson. You'll be able to tell when you need to slow back down (if ever) and they would still be reviewing steadily.

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Special note on the first LU of Math should be review. (Not sure if that's true of 101??) I let mine 'test out of' the first LU. We only did the lessons corresponding to the ones they missed on the final test.


I'm big on making sure I sit down with them for math when they are young. Also, JanOH gives a great idea (which we've used successfully) about doing two lessons (just the "new parts") and the review part of the second lesson. Or, use the extra time to play math games. Note that Janet knows the value of time because she has lots of kids. (Unlike me, :laugh: ) So, we understand where you want to help the kids be more independent. Math & Handwriting are two subjects that I'm always "at elbow" when they are young.

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