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Anyone work for West At Home ?


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Does anyone work for West At Home that can give me some information on the company and working for them ?


I need to find something I can do to make some extra money while working at home in the evenings and I was looking into this company.


I would love to chat with someone who can tell me the "in's and out's" of how to get started and also what you like about working for them and what you don't.


If you don't want to talk on here, you can PM me privately.


Thanks so much in advance for any ehlp you can give me !

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I did the training for West once. It was after I had done LiveOps for quite awhile and I decided to stick with them instead for various reasons, mostly because it was simpler and more money (in my case). I think it can be good for you though. One I know someone working for is Talk2Rep (I think that is how it is "spelled"). I'm "in the pool" (forever!) for Working Solutions. I might have to quit holding out for them <sigh> even if they are the best in the industry.


You can look at ratracerebellion.com, wahadventures.com, etc for more ideas also.

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