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I am bummed out.

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I've lived at our present location for 4 1/2 years. In that time I've started 2 successful class days, hosted a yearly women's retreat for homeschoolers, brought TeenPact to the state, led yearly drama camps and led a group in a yearly drama festival for 3 years, brought speakers and vendors to the annual conference, etc. All of that to say, we have served our fellow homeschoolers.

The last class day we stepped down from running due to signing a non-compete clasue with a national company. Well, it's basically been "taken over" and turned into a "program" (rather than the classical community that we were) by a football dad who talks over everyone. My dh said last week he wanted back on the board so they met this week twice to "vote us on or off the island."

I'm grieved. I feel sad and lonely and taken advantadge of once again. The football dad doesn't want my dh on the board becasue we had created a consensul council and he wants a top down heirarchical structure, giving the Chair (him) basically all of the power to define and create policy and procedure and making the actual director a stooge.

sniffle. I feel lonely and freindless, knowing they talked about us all week at these meetings, knowing they've all benefitted from the time I've poured into the lives of their families.

I don't know what the decision is yet but the fact that it came to a popularity vote just saddens me.

On top of it, my dh had a job interview at a Reservation today (we desperatly need a stable income) and it was horrible. 3 years ago they "cut down" 25 jr. and sr. high school kids from a group hanging - just to give you an idea of the place. The pay is phenomenol but we'd have to live there and we still have kids at home, not to mention what an awful place it would be for dh to work.

sniff. i feel sad.

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