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How early to take SATs?

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My son is finishing up 7th grade but has already begun high school work. We are trying to come up with a high school plan for him and are trying to see his strengths and weaknesses. We have an opportunity to take the SATs for free this year. Would that be a "ding" on his record if he were to take them this early or would they see it as like a talent search? He did take the John Hopkins talent search when he was in 3rd grade and scored really high just didn't feel like going down that road again with him for the expense since we don't have the money for the classes they offer there. Any thoughts?



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I responded to your post on the Accelerated board, but here again:


Only the scores of the four years of high school, 9th and up, have to be reported to colleges.

In fact, unless you specifically request that the College board keeps the 7th or 8th grade score, the score will be deleted.

(We requested to keep DD's, to use for dual enrollment.)

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We always had our kids take the SAT in middle school because it is good practice and does not stay on their record. Our local high school has a special room for all the 7th and 8th graders taking the test and my dc have always had friends taking it with them.

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I would suggest the ACT instead--it's shorter as the writing portion is optional. It's less tricky than the SAT and there's no penalty for guessing.



OTOH, the ACT has the science section which can be very hard for a student who did not have high school science and experience with interpreting scientific graphs and tables.

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