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Apologia Chemistry

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This is a wild idea for me, but could I give Apologia Chemistry to my 8th grader? He will have completed Saxon Algebra 1 with a great measure of success. He did the Rainbow Chemistry easily in 6th grade. General Science has been too easy for him and I'm not at all thrilled with Physical Science. He needs a bigger challenge. Would this be too big a challenge? In high school, he could complete a BJU chemistry or Apologia advanced Chemistry.



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Since he has the math, I'd go for it! :) I don't really see any drawbacks. He sounds ready, and you could always back off if it turns out not to be a good fit. My kids did Rainbow in 6th & 7th without difficulty, then went on to Apologia Bio in 8th followed by Chemistry in 9th (but just because that's the traditional sequence--they had also done Alg I in 7th.) Rainbow was good prep for Apologia.


Then in high school, instead of BJU (unless BJU is AP-level, I don't see any reason to repeat high school level chem--it might be boring) I'd suggest having him do Apologia's Adv Chemistry as you mentioned--or an AP Chemistry course (if you think he might like to take the AP exam.) My ds did Adv Chem in 12th (he did not take the AP test and is not going into a chem-related field). My dd took AP Chem in 11th through PA Homeschoolers (she did take the AP test and is headed for nursing). We found Apologia Chem to be a good foundation for the AP course.



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