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Ipad app that reinforces/reviews AAS?

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My two students will both be in AAS next year, probably levels 1 and 3, and I'm looking for an easy way to review the AAS rules and words. I would prefer to use the Ipad for portability reasons, but will also happily use something on the PC if I need to.


I find that my daughter (the one going into Level 3 next year) needs a lot of review, and it's typically the first thing I drop with her. :( Ideally, I should be reviewing 5-10 old words from the review pile (which is depressingly large, by the way) every day, but if I do that, neither one of us really has the mental energy to keep going with spelling. What I really need is a way for her to independently review her old AAS spelling words, while I use our one-on-one time in new teaching and dictation.


So . . . I'm looking for a good spelling game/app that will be consistent with AAS. Ideally, it would already have the AAS words in there . . . or I could customize the lists.


I think Spelling City has that capability, right? How does that work on the Ipad? Or is there another good app that you would recommend?


Thanks in advance!!

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Not specifically tied to it, but I'm really impressed with Simplex Spelling on the ipad.






Thanks for posting. I went and looked this up, and it does look very good; the reviews are impressive as well. Can you tell me more about this app? It's hard to see too much from the iTunes App store.

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We use AAS, and my 4th grader really struggles with spelling. We started using Spelling City about a month ago, & he spends far more time reviewing now than ever before. His spelling is improving--at least now there's a element of fun to it. :)



That sounds great. Did you put the AAS words in yourself, or did you use one of the lists that are already made?


I would also recommend Spelling City. They have an iPad app but you might have to have the paid membership to use it (we do).



Thank you! Do your kids use it on the iPad or the PC?


Thanks so much for the replies!

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That sounds great. Did you put the AAS words in yourself, or did you use one of the lists that are already made?



I type in the lists myself-each named for the rule of that lesson which gives him a good hint at what he should be thing about as he plays the games. For review, I make a "mega list" with 20 or 30 words. I only use the free version, not the subscription.

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