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My boys are in their second class with Home2Teach and while it's been a good experience the boys have found things they don't like about the class. The entire class is done in a chat room. There isn't a lesson first and then chat. The teacher teaches the class completely in a chat room. My boys don't like this. They feel like other students take up so much time with silly things that they feel like they aren't getting anything done. Plus, the teacher will ask a question in chat form and then every single student will answer. I guess they feel like they'd like to have a teacher teach the lesson and then maybe move into an interactive format. Is there anything like that that is good and affordable? I do like that they have multiple lessons during the week and that the teacher emails the boys directly for corrections. I like that I am supposed to be totally hands off because we butt heads on writing.

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My older two children took a couple of Home2Teach classes then they moved on to the WriteatHome semester and workshop courses. http://my.writeathome.com/Display.aspx?tabid=30 I don't see any semester courses listed, so they may have done away with them.


How did they like Write at Home? How did it compare to Home2Teach?



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My daughter liked WriteatHome. She enjoyed the feedback and working to improve her writing. My son dislikes writing papers and especially online classes, so he did not enjoy his courses, but he didn't like his Home2Teach classes either. I really liked the semester and workshop courses because I did not have to commit to an entire year, but was glad to be able to have someone else give assignments, feedback, and encouragement on my students' work. WriteatHome had a syllabus, handouts, and due dates for work, but no class time. The students can write to their coach through the website and get answers to questions or clarifications on assignments as needed. The courses were not rigorous, but my daughter who is a diligent student put more into her work and got more out of her courses. Her brother did the work required, and learned to meet expectations and deadline which was my main goal for him. I found the coaches at WriteatHome more pleasant and more encouraging for my reluctant writer.

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