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Can I admit this here?


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Today I had 2 ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, with a Xanax chaser. Anyone want to venture a guess as to how my day is going so far? Ugh.


On the other hand, T - 6.5 hours til vacation! I'm just hope it doesn't take me 1/2 the vacation to let go of the work stress and actually enjoy it.


I know there are lots of us headed out for adventures this weekend, so happy trails to all!! (And really, step away from the ice cream. It's unnecessary.)

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I might join you in that Xanax chaser. I'm going on a charter bus with 16 teenagers and heading to Raleigh NC for a weekend competition. I'm an introvert and not mentally prepared for all the noise and activity. I wonder if I can sneak a flask aboard?


You "might"? I think you'd better, for your own sanity!

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