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World history with Asian emphasis -- need suggestions please

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Hello Hive,


I have a group of high-schoolers who are interested in studying world history with a heavy emphasis on Asia. We already own Spielvogel's Western Civ and SWB HOAW and HOMW which we used last year for Western Civ. We skipped Susan's chapters on Asia. So, of course, I'm planning on using those chapters but I would also love a spine on Asian history that is readable and comprehensive. When I look at the various World history spines I feel like I want something with much less Western history -- since we just did that AND are completing US History now.


Any suggestions will be appreciated!


Many thanks!

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What Jean said. What are your limit lines on time and geography?

For example do India, Australia or Pakistan fall into what you want to study?

I'm looking at the World History course (2 yrs: Ancients-1450 & 1450-present) offered by the Potter's School for my dd for 10th grade and I noticed one of the extra texts used is Asia: A Concise History by Arthur Cotterell. I know NOTHING about this text, so maybe others can offer feedback on it. It must be pretty good because I find TPS courses to be fairly rigorous. Just thought I'd throw that out there for you to check into! Jennifer
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Core 5 is very young for high school. Even the old EHE is very basic -- just collecting basic facts from the encyclopedia. However, I would suggest browsing the book list for some nice fun easier reading. Some of the read alouds might be good supplemental reading. The readers have lots of nice easy historical fiction if that is appealing.

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Thanks Everyone!


As much as I would love to study from ancients forward I am leaning more towards 1450 forward. Or, more modern if there are good resources that would be rich and enjoyable.


I will take a look at the Potter's School -- I had found the text mentioned on Amazon and have ordered it to check out. Thanks!


As far as scope, I want to cover "it all" but the most interest from the kids is India, China, Russia, Japan, Korea --- so, something comprehensive is my goal.


Sorry for my brief response -- Just heading out. Thanks so much! I'll check back later.

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