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Confused with math wanting info on Adv Math (math sequence) and MathUSee


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Hi. I am new to this site, but have been homeschooling my 10 year old twins since the beginning.

I have been using MUS since Kindergarten (Alpha). Both my girls are in Zeta now and will finish that up in the next couple of months.


I have been struggling with what to do for next year. I like MUS about 95% of the time. My biggest concern is that I have heard (over and over) that MUS is not strong enough in the advanced math. I have tried to research reviews to find people who used MUS all the way through that had their children go into fields that had math requirements; however, there are not a lot out there. It seems most that I have heard from or talked with quit at Pre-Alg or Alg, so how can they really judge the over all program?


Both dh and I are strong math people, it is very important to us that our children do well in math. So far, so good. However, now I am not sure what I should use. Part of me says MUS is a good mastery program. They can continue to do it and will not have any large gaps. If I switch, do I open them up for gaps?

Or do I make the switch to another program, and if so which one? and when?


I was thinking maybe using this sequence:

6th - MUS Pre-Alg

7th - MUS Alg

8th - ??? Alg (a different alg, possibly UCSMP?)

9th - ??? Geometry

10th - ??? Alg 2

11th - Pre-calc/trig

12th - calc


Or do I go with MUS the entire way?


Are any of you MUS users that have children in college or college graduates? If so, how did college math go for them?


Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Lori Ann

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There are a lot of math programs to choose from with a wide range of rigor level. You might start reading threads over on the High School board.


As for MUS, there's a current thread right here: Math U see not enough after Zeta?



Thanks. :) I tried to search on MathUSee and found nothing. I clicked on the "view new content" button and found it. It has a lot of information. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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