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I'm just so weird sometimes


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I get a few magazines. Some are dumb little freebie things, some I actually subscribe too. I like to sit and read for a few minutes. I enjoy them even if I think they are dumb sometimes (Parents and Baby drive me crazy sometimes, but I still enjoy reading them! Those are my freebies) Anyway I get really perturbed when someone reads them before me. By someone I mean my kids. DH has no interest in them. I swear anytime one is sitting open to the last page I read I either catch a kid sitting down to read it or asking me while swinging it around if they can read it. I try to say nicely and calmly, "No not til I'm done." Right now at 31 weeks pregnant it usually comes out in a devil voice, "NO! NOT TIL I'M DONE! PUT. IT. DOWN."

I mean really, what is wrong with me?? LOL Most the time they shrug it off, other times they roll their eyes, other times they go off and pout. I really don't know why I have to read them first, it's just a luxury I enjoy, please don't take it from me.

Anyone else have a disorder like this?? Please say yes.

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