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Has anyone put together an SAT or ACT study group/class? Can you share your ideas?

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I'm seriously considering putting together a small (3 -4) group of rising juniors to study for the SAT. If you've done this, can you share your inside tips with me?

  • what materials did you use?
  • how many weeks did you meet? how long at each meet?
  • what did you teach or do at the meetings?

I envision that we would start with a practice SAT or PSAT. Then I'd have the kids score their exams and we'd find out the weak points. I'd then assign certain weeks to cover CR, M and W. I'd use class time to go over tips and tricks, work through actual problems and do more practice tests.


What do you think? I think a group of friends to study with over the summer would be a huge incentive for my rising junior.


And I'd love to know your thoughts and experiences even if you've done structured studying at home without a group or class.




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Ds took a PSAT prep class over the summer. I think it met 6 times. It was helpful, but more helpful was the informal group he formed with two other boys. They were all very good students and they emailed/phoned/texted over the summer to compare scores. After each practice test (all old PSAT tests that they were able to get from the prep class) they went over every single wrong answer to learn why the correct answer was best. They were very competitive and, in the end, all three scored above 225. I'm looking for a similar group of students for my next son.

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