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'Story of Science' Questions

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I think it depends on if you use the guidebooks or not, but i'm not sure. we tend to not make great progress through curriculum here. My son and I read the books when he was in 9th grade - just read them. We got through 2.5 books. and we may have spilled over in to the summer to get that far, iir. But my impression is that, with the guidebooks or whatever the supplemental books are, one book is a full year. idk. But i'll say again - unlikely you will want to try book 3 before high school. there is no way to make particle physics simple.

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Not the first one - Aristotle. I don't see how you could stretch that into a whole year. We'll finish it in less than 1 semester, doing it 3 times a week (even with the Quest guide).


Now, the Newton book, definitely can be a year's worth! I'm planning to incorporate an Astronomy unit, lots of Newtonian physics labs, and do McHenry's Chemistry along with it (next year). I think it will be meaty and delicious!

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