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Non academic things to get ready to HS

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My boys are 2.5 and 7 weeks old, but I am already planning on homeschooling. I have seen lots of advice on getting children ready for schooling as far as learning goes, but I am curious if anyone has advice on non academic things to do to prepare for homeschooling. Any advice on routines or character building or anything like that that will help with homeschooling? I would like to hear your "I did's" and your "I wish I did's".

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Learn photography and get your scrapbooking/photo album method organized and running.

Learn to cook. Learn to clean.

Learn about SN, ADHD, and read Cathy Duffy, so you recognize what's happening with your kids.

Read aloud a lot and put on audiobooks.

Do puzzles and things for fine motor.

Do developmental checks with ped or comparing to lists to make sure they're on track.

Get eyes checked with a developmental optometrist (just a regular appointment, but they'll screen for things that affect school work, yes NOW with the 2.5 yo).

Play a lot.

Order everything you can afford from Timberdoodle and play even more. :)

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For us, it was helpful that we already had the habit of cleaning up all the toys at the end of the day. This is NOT to say that they did it independently, just that they knew it needed to be done and what the outcome would look like.


It was also nice that we eased into it. First just reading work every morning for 15 minutes, then alternating with math days for a while, eventually doing a bit of both.

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Definitely like pp stated start getting into a routine. You may want to look up montessori practical life activities. Also if I had it to do all over again I would keep a television out of the house. Establish your thoughts about technology NOW while they are young and stick to your guns, whatever you decide. Don't be pulled into all the early learning apps and tv shows blah blah blah. Surround them with good books, educational toys and kits, introduce them to art and music early (not just kiddie crafts and kiddie music, but REAL art and music)and plenty of experiential activities outside etc. I wouldn't buy into the importance of screens. Those things are extremely easy to learn how to use later and I personally don't feel that learning your ABCs on an ipad is any better than the old fashioned way.


Science. When my oldest was little I may not have said this, but yes science, start it early. I also would use a book like Out of Sync Child has Fun regardless of whether I felt my kid needed it or not.


I would also emphasize quality over quantity of belongings. I would start now when they are young getting my home organized for learning. Open shelves and labeled bins rather than toy boxes full of random stuff. I would teach the 2 year old now how to help pick up by classifying and organizing their stuff. Organize your books, even the picture books by subject. math, science etc. Starting early and teaching your children that skill will help down the road.

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