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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I over slept this morning. Now I don't know which end is up. But I know it is Wednesday!


Clean kitchen.



Dh informs me that IL still have more stuff to move. Fortunately my back situation gets me out of helping. (Which sounds bad. I would have helped. But I would have grumbled.)


School at the library.


Taxes. Do the taxes! Make me do the taxes!

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I'm sorting through paper stuff that I've saved in a not very organized manner for too many years. I'm pretty sure they've multiplied.


I'll be leaving the house for more tubs and files, plus a stop at the store.


I haven't done my taxes yet, either, but that's for another day.

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Another day here cleaning & doing laundry. Trying to nurse myself well from the cold bug I caught from dd in time to go to a big book sale on Friday.


So far I'm on my 3rd load of laundry, and the dishwasher is halfway loaded. I can almost see the floor of the laundry room! I do have a big stack of stuff I'm going to have to take to the coin laundry though, as it's too big for our machines.


Also on the to-do list today:




work in the living room


work in the school room

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I tackled it, Jean. I brought that #$%@& to the ground....but I'm happy it's over :p It's been a long day and I'm just about ready to pack it in. I hope Thursday is a "float through" and not a "fight to the death" day ;)

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Good job, Ghee.


Dishwasher running. Rest of kitchen still a mess.

Did math with dd outside.

2 bags of stuff given to the blind.

Patched up Libby the Wonder Dog who has a hole in her paralyzed paw (she can't feel it so she bangs it against things etc.). It looks rather nasty so I hope the antibiotic works.


Next up: "Secretary club" in which I trick my dd into helping me with filing etc.!

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dropped everything when I managed to catch a ride to the grocery with a friend. We now have food for most of the month!


I did get 4 loads of laundry done, and my shower before heading to the store, so the day wasn't a total loss.

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We had a glorious day minus the one hour meltdown by a certain 3 year old who is famous for her meltdowns.


I got up late because my coughing (post-nasal drip trickle) and worrying about DS6 kept me up. DS6 went to bed with a fever and his first ever headache. He had felt nauseous earlier in the day too. Then he woke up with a nightmare. Needless to say, there was no good night's sleep. Turns out DS felt so well today that he made up for yesterday's lethargy by doing double volume and activity.


After microwaving frozen pancakes for breakfast, I got the kids started on school. Then I got started on the sink full of yesterday's dishes. I didn't finish them all before I need to do math with DS11. We were on the challenge problem set for chapter 7 (AOPS prealgebra). DS got 10 out of 11 right and I got 9 right. Yay! Then we went on a walk in the nature preserve to talk about tree growth and see examples. Our neighbor went with us. When we got home, it was time to tutor my friend's daughter. I invited her three kids to stay and play for a couple of hours while mom went to a doctor's appointment. While the kids played, I did some weeding. Then talked to the neighbor some more. He and DS made a prototype planter box for my out of cedar from his old fence (he's making me planters for a veggie garden and supplying both wood and labor!). I also started digging out the drainage ditch that is almost completely filled in with dirt and fir needles. There's a pipe that goes under the street, and it was almost completely blocked. Dh barbecued dinner and we watched an episode of Eureka. Then it was bedtime for the kids so I read the littles their picture book choices before heading online for the first time of the day. Oh, and I got two loads of laundry washed but not folded and put away.

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