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How difficult is the literature used for the self paced Omnibus? The list includes...

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*Oresteia Trilogy

*Landmark Herodotus


*Plutarch Vol I

*Codes of Hammurabi & Moses

*Theban Trilogy

*Last Days of Socrates

*Early History of Rome


*The Twelve Caesars

*Julius Caesar



I know the readings will be done in the context of great explanation through the self paced course. But I'm not familiar with some of these books. Are they very difficult reading? Both my 7th & 8th grader that will be using this course read a lot, but if there is a lot of *difficult* reading, they may do a lot of groaning....kwim?


Thanks so much for your thoughts!

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Some of that is short and easy (Gilgamesh, Code of Hamm, etc.), and some is not. Remember you can get audio for a lot of those, so they can listen to the audio while they read. That Oresteia Trilogy thing for instance is poetry (iirc). It really begged to be read aloud and was a wader for me (as in I didn't make it through). It's meant to be challenging, so if it's what you want to use just know this going in and be willing to use lower versions or audio where necessary to bring it in reach.


PS. Nice seeing you and hope your planning is going well! :)

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Hi there, OhElizabeth. I hope you are doing well.


I'm excited about the Omnibus self paced course, but I think you are right...I will need to find lower versions if possible. Any suggestions on that?


Or where to find audios?


Thanks so much!


Planning is going well so far...hope yours is! :001_smile:

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I've picked up different audios used, haven't used them yet to have any great opinions. Try your library or amazon. On the versions, there's a children's herodotus. Make sure they've read the picture book versions (Wanderings of Odysseus, etc.) before they go for the biggee.


Yup, plodding along on the planning. Sounds like things are going better for both of us than they were a year ago. Progress is good. :)

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I agree that Omnibus is definitely what I would consider rigorous.


I will disagree about the Oresteia, I found these quick fast reads, okay maybe the last one drags a bit.


I personally would skip Oedipus in Colonus which is the last of the the Theban trilogy Ii is not a great play, and unlike the Oresteia the Theban plays were not written as part of a set (in Greek drama plays were presented as a set, 3 tragedies, one satyr play). So there is merit in reading the Oresteia as the set it was written as, the Theban plays do not give each other that merit, so I'd just read the two good ones.


Personally, I think there will be much more of a struggle with the nonfiction so be prepared for that. I assume the Omnibus does not read complete works there, but maybe I am wrong.

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I'm not sure I would have a 7-8th grader read this....you might want to read it yourself first - it's not long....or maybe they use a sanitized version which I believe exists....


We've only used Omnibus III but find it an enormous program for the grade levels for which they originally said it was written for....we pick and choose the books we use from the list....I have found some of their insights very useful, though others I quite disagree with - but that just makes for interesting discussion...



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