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How has TOG changed since the original, classic version?


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I have a copy of year 2 which I keep pulling off the shelf and shoving back on because it is just not well organized. The idea is there, but I find the format so frustrating.


Are the new versions also so flowy, loosely put together or is there a good method behind the madness?



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I am not familiar with the Classic version as I have only used it since the redesign. I have always heard Classic described just as you have though. I have really enjoyed the format of TOG although it has taken me awhile to really plumb its depths and effectively learn how to use it. They say when you have to teach something to others then you know you really understand. Well, this year I helped start a co-op and TOG is our history program. I have developed a detailed syllabus for each level. I thought I learned a lot about TOG last year when I was using it at home with my boys. This year having to prepare these syllabi has made me really dig deep. Each time I open TOG to plan a new unit I find something new I didn't realize was there or I knew it was there but wasn't sure how to use it fully. It's so amazing!


That's the long answer to your question. The short answer is yes, in Redesign I believe there is a method to the madness BUT it is still a buffet and there is still more than any one family could possibly use. You will need to determine what elements to utilize depending on your family's goals. It's still teacher intensive in my opinion but it's worth it. Well worth it!

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