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Math extras that would be suitable to use with a group of middle schoolers?

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Mathcounts has lots of problem sets, but also has club resources. I picked and choose my favorite from several years worth of mathcounts stuff and taught a group of kids in co-op a fun math class. At the beginning of the schoolyear, you can sign up with mathcounts and they will send you the resources for free. Many are also available to download off their site.

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Teacher-led enrichment

I am not interested in games. Right now we are doing some Waldorf-y geometry. The kids are 10-14yo with the 10yo loving math and the 14yo not so much. There are also two tag-alongs: a 9yo and an almost 7yo. The 9yo hangs out with us, but doesn't necessarily do what we are doing. The 7yo runs in and out, but when she participates she does an amazing job at keeping up.


I will look at Math Counts again, but I looked at it last year and decided against it. With the age spread that we have, we certainly couldn't compete. They will be 5th-9th grade next year (not included the two tag-alongs). I will look at the club program. I have patty paper geometry. I will look at it and see if they are ready. Some may be ready for the information and some may have the fine motor skills, but I don't know that I will have enough of them ready-ready.


Thanks for the ideas.


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With that range of ages, you might want to consider MOEMS, using the books available at the AoPS bookstore.


You'll find lots of worthwhile math problems that develop critical thinking beyond the standard curriculum, and it's a notch below MathCounts in difficulty. You need a group to participate officially (grades 4 through 8), but it sounds like you have that.


Good luck!

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Activities similar to Hands on Equations


Geo board activities

http://www.ttaconlin...f��(Pythagorean theorem activity)



Yep, HOE is a good one which we enjoy as a supplement. Patty Paper is next for ds11. Though he is a whiz with origami. Maybe start with some more basic origami work prior to patty paper to refine paper folding fine motor skills.

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