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Looking for a more challenging English

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My daughter is not being challenged with her Rod and Staff English 8 anymore. This year she is in 8th grade and we are just flying through this book. I was thinking before this to continue with English 9 and 10 coming next year for her 9th grade. I am wondering if she will get new concepts in grammar or should i look for something else. thanks!

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I don't do a full fledged grammar after Rod and Staff 8. I agree with the previous posters about writing. But you might want to look at Rhetorical Grammar(by Kolln-I have the 4th edition) or Descriptive English Grammar by House if you want more grammar.


I use DEG as a reference whenever I can't figure out what something is or how to diagram it. Rhetorical Grammar I want to work through with my high school children, but so far we haven't had time to do much of it. It explains when to do certain things and what effect they have. The amazon description does a better job than I at describing it. It is not a grammar reference book. It might be frustrating if your student is using a writing program that is very strict with do's and don'ts. This book teaches when and why to do the "don'ts" and students might get frustrated learning this and not being able to use it.

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