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Why is it always MY kid who has to adapt and just deal?

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It was more of "That's awful" than anything else. The co-op director does plan to talk to this particular mother, and it will be addressed in the next parent orientation/policy manual. But really, "If you're going to complain about a kid, do it when the kid is NOT right there" should be common sense! As should be "If you're not the teacher, it's not your place to rule on a child's assignment or participation."

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I wonder if it would help at all if the teacher said to your dd something like "next week's topic is blah blah blah...we always really enjoy your presentations if you have the time and energy to get something together" not make a big deal but to encourage her a little?


I mean. It was one adults opinion. That was wrong. And so unfair to her! I am upset for her!

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