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I need a hug.


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This year has been hard. We have had major life stuff going on in our greater family and my sensory kids are emotionally off kilter in a big way. (Oh yes, I had a second child recieve a sensory diagnosis in the past few months so now 2 of 3 are going for neuropsych evals over the next few months. At least that is going well; insurance is paying we just have to coordinate with the psychologist.)


Today we had to go to to appointments that had been put off multiple times because of the family emergancy we've been dealing with. To not go would have been detremental to the health of one of the kids, so we went. We went with kicking, screaming, "security" items that raise eyebrows in public, refusal of basic hygiene, and anxiety driven speech repetition, but we went.


I know we are doing so much better than we were 2 years ago, or 6 months ago, or even 6 weeks ago, but today it does not *feel* like it.

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Thanks, already things are seeming better. I have been sitting and adding up the positives of the day:


Everyone is calmly doing thier own thing now and Punk is making plans to take his shower. (Thank heavens!)


My sweet, sweet husband oversaw supper clean up so I could go to the grocery store, ALONE!!


This afternoon the OT pulled out the listening therapy cd that mellows out Punk and gave it to us to use for the next couple of weeks!


Bug ate 10 bites of a food he normally avoids without even a hint of a fit!


All school work was completed today!


Bedtime for all in less than 40 minutes!

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