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Buying Singapore Essentials Math


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Can anyone suggest a good place to buy this? (or anyone have one for sale?) I want to get this for my 4yo. She wants a math book to do with her brother and sister. But to buy it through Singapore Math, shipping costs more than the book! I've checked Amazon, homeschoolclassifides, half.com, ebay and Rainbow Resource and none of them have it. Oh, and CBD. Any place I'm forgetting? I'm beginning to think a WalMart workbook would be better. But I am starting Singapore with her big brother and MUS with her sister. She's a little harder to figure out, so I wanted ot see how she'd do with the Singapore way. :/ Rainbow has the old Earlybird. Any significant difference, besides book sequencing, between the old and new Earlybird? I just can't see myself spending $17 for an $8 book.

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