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Okay, how does this look for 7th grade?

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I think I am finally happy with my choices. Feedback?


Language Arts:

Simply Spelling

Getting Started With Latin

Then for writing, either a Brave Writer Lifestyle approach with Igniting Your Writing worked in,





Saxon Math: finish 7/6, move into 8/7



We're going to finally work through this list



Continue reading through K12's Human Odyssey; continue work on pictorical Book of Centuries



Combo of living books (Magic of Reality, Briefer History of Time, etc.) w/Prentice Hall's Science Explorer



A Child's History of Art: Painting

KinderArt projects and the New Augsburg Drawing Book

Leonard Bernstein's Concerts for Young People




Richard Halliburton's books (finish up Complete Book of Marvels, then read The Glorious Adventure)




Harry Stottlemeier's Discovery



Fencing, twice a week

Looking at joining the Civil Air Patrol as soon as he's old enough


Am I missing anything?

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I really like your Narnia book list. I'm curious what you plan to do with them. Are you just going to read or do you have some sort of analysis/study planned to tie the books together? If so....will you share? :drool5:

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It does look good. Okay, fess up..any more changes since last week? :laugh: I keep changing mine too!




:blush: Yes...


Natural Speller instead of Simply Spelling (I might put his lists into Spelling City each week)

Definitely will be using WWS 1


Oh, and we'll be using BFSU vol II as our main science, though we'll still read Magic of Reality, etc.

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