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Saxon 3rd Ed w/ Advance OR Saxon 4th Ed w/ Geometry OR ??

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I'm trying to figure this out. My oldest is coming home next year from a year in public school. He is taking Algebra I right now in public school. Before this year, we used Saxon math. It just seems to be a good fit, especially considering the public school *textbook* style. I'm wondering though which sequence to follow for him: 3rd edition with Advanced Math or 4th with Geometry.


He's done very well in Algebra. With only 8 weeks of school left, his test average is 95%. His homework is lower BUT I learned that the students earn a 70% on their homework just for writing their names and problems on the page (which is one reason I'm thrilled he's coming back home). He, along with the rest of his classmates have discovered how to pass with little effort. *sigh*


As much as I believe Saxon will *get him through* high school, I wonder if there is something else that would challenge him but still offer that textbook feel.


Or maybe, since he asked to do Algebra II and Geometry together next year to get caught back up (where he wants to be for graduation), what about Saxon Algebra II 4th ed and LOF Geometry? Then from that to ?? for the following two years?


Thank you!

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