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Singapore HIG's. Are they bound???

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I'm sure this is a silly question. :D We are just starting 1b. I have the HIG for 1a and 1b, but I bought them second hand but unused. The seller did not mention anything about cutting the bindings off and having the bound. They are both spiral bound. I assumed this is how they came from Singapore and was at least part of the reason for the higher cost...and I like it bound....but, I've recently come across a 2a guide that wasn't bound (and was called Home Educator's Support Guide instead of HIG) and I just saw someone else post that they had their HIG spiral bound. So, now I'm confused..... :confused1: And, if you happen to know, is the above mentioned Home Educator's Support Guide the same as the HIG?? It is a good price...maybe I should buy it. Help out a Newbie!


Thanks for any insight into this you have.

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It is a US. I would assume it is the same. However, the one that I just saw that indicated it had been done by the owner is also a US as is the "support guide" I saw that is not....the plot thickens...:lol:


anyone with a US want to chime in for me?

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I use the US edition. The 1A and 1B are spiral bound. The ones for the later years are not (I can’t remember if they are all not spiral bound or when it switches. I know that at least the levels 4 and 5 are not spiral bound. Those are the ones I most recently used and I’m too lazy to look for the other years. :))


Mine are all called Home Instructor Guide.

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Sonlight has published some Singapore Math books. I wonder if that's what the Home Educator's Support Guide is. I don't know if the content is different, though.



It was originally bought from Sonlight. Now though, they sell HIG's....so, maybe it is really old.

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