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Well, now. Let's just peel Mom off the garage rafters....


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I just managed to April Fool myself.


I have always been a bit afraid of spiders, but I'm quite proud of how far I've come. Most of the time I catch them and release them, and I teach the kids to also not kill them needlessly.


Today I was working in the garage, trying to empty some boxes of stuff that had accumulated (old papers, toys, what have you). I turned around to see a HUGE spider right next to my foot.


Yup, white mammas CAN jump. Clear across the garage bay. Turns out I still don't do so well when they take me by surprise at close proximity.


Just when I was wondering how to catch the dang thing I realized....










It was one of the kids' plastic spiders, that had fallen out of a box.


STRAIGHT into the donation box! Let some unwitting thrift store employee have the fun. *shudder*

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lol.giflol.gif Spiders aren't so bad are they?


(pic of cute spider removed)


I think he's kinda cute!!


Sorry I'm feeling kind of ornery today.

Gee, that's just what it looked like!

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