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Conceptual Physics: Is this what I should buy?

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I happen to own the High School Book and the lab manual - I had bought it for a class that my older son never ended up taking...now I am trying to do some advance planning for the current 6th grader.


I need something with answers. Solutions would be even better.


Should I buy these?


Problem Solving Exercises


Concept-Develpment Practice Book


ETA: Link to text

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The problem-solving book is good and will likely be helpful to you. There are some problems at the end of the chapters that he never really shows how to work in the text, but does show in the problem-solving book. I haven't seen the concept development book, so I don't know how helpful that will be.


If you have this text:



then the teacher book is this one:



The teacher book has the solutions and the answers in the wraparound section of the text.


I know the problem-solving book has an answer key in the back, but I'm not sure if it also has solutions. I have it somewhere in this house, but I'm not sure where. If I run across it, I will let you know.


ETA: Wow! The cost on the teacher book has really gone up. I bought mine a few years ago for just $10. You are likely to find better prices if you wait until summer.

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Angie W,


Yes, that is the text that I have. I thought that I had put the link in the original post - thanks for taking the extra time to look and link for the book. I edited my original post. I didn't even know that there was a Teacher's Manual.

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