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Our phone just rang ...


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How we put a stop to 99% of these kinds of calls:


1. Register with the National Do Not Call Registry. You have to do this every so often, it seems to expire (?? I'm not sure).


2. Tell all charities, political parties, surveyors, and businesses to remove your number from their calling list. The call registry does not apply to them, but they may be courteous enough to take your number off their lists, if you politely and firmly request them to do so.


3. File a complaint every time you get an unwanted call. In one day, our number received THIRTY calls from the same caller number. I filed 30 complaints. The calls stopped. ;)


4. Answering machine = screened calls. It's still a pain to get the call in the first place, but at least I'm not picking up the phone for a computer, KWIM? Who are these people? :thumbdown:


5. During school time = the ringer is OFF, the answering machine is ON. They can leave a message. I keep the phone near me where we work. I can see if it lights up. If it's my husband, we answer it. :001_wub: Anyone else can leave a message. Unless, of course, we want an excuse to stop doing school, LOL. Then we answer it. :biggrinjester:

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We get calls in Chinese; our last name sounds Chinese but is not. We are as white as can be. Just the other day I got a call for a survey "for people of Asian descent," and the girl was completely floored when I told her we aren't Asian. She didn't know what to do with me. :D

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