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Opinions needed please on TT Algebra I 2.0/Khan Academy

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Hi~ My daughter ( homeschooled K-8) attended our local h.s. this year for 9th grade and has decided she doesn't want to go back next year (Hooray!). She is most decidedly not a mathy person and had a horrible experience with a notoriously difficult pre-algebra teacher before we just pulled her out of the class altogether; her confidence was totally plummeting thanks to the aforementioned teacher.


Anyway, we want to get her going with Algebra, with a decent pre-algebra review as part of the program. How would the new TT Algebra I measure up? I have heard that TT higher-mathematics vocabulary is lacking and can cause problems on college entrance exams. Is this actually the case?


Any words of wisdom regarding using Khan Academy as a supplement to another program?





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We used TT for Alg 1 and used Khan as needed which wasn't much. She also worked through Life of Fred. This year for Alg 2 we used a tutor and Life of Fred Advanced Algebra and Khan. We will be going back to TT for geometry next year! My 7th grader is using TT Pre-Alg this year and actually enjoys it!

If she finished a pre-alg course then she should have no problems with Alg 1. Otherwise - give her the placement test on the TT website to make sure she is ready (ie solid in percents, ratios, fractions, decimals, etc...)

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