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Finding documents on The Loom -- cross-post on WTM TOG and Yahoo TOG

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I'm using Yr 1 Redesigned, and the Loom CD says there's an Excel

document that lists all of the core books for the reading assignments.

I can't seem to find it anywhere on the CD, though. ETA: the Loom CD

says I can find the books on page 4 of the week-plan, but I was hoping

for a master list. Is that only on the Bookshelf?


Also, the Quick Start Guide brochure says that there are Summer Reading

Lists for each year-plan. Can anyone tell me where to find those as




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I think the summer reading list is on the first page of your first unit. At least with year 2 that is where I found it.


Are you looking for the alternates list? That is called "Booklists" in the online Loom for year 2 so maybe it has a similar name on the Year 1 cd. Also be sure to have a look at the online Loom for year 1 book updates.


There is teacher summer reading here.


I've only found core books listed on bookshelf by unit and age. Right now the bookshelf seems to be down though.


I guess thats the short answer but I hope it helps!

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Hi Brenda! We are starting TOG yr 1 redesigned next week! Redesigned looks so much nicer than the "classic" version! I can't wait to start!


When you open the "Loom" CD, at the top of the screen I see "Resource List" over to the left, and a big maroon colored bar that says, "Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Resource List." When I click on that maroon bar, Microsoft Excel opens up a spreadsheet which has two tabs at the bottom: one labeled "Primary," and one labeled "Alternates." I believe that this book list should correspond with the weekly reading assignments (yellow pages) in your TOG unit manuals. In the manual, the first yellow "Reading Assignment" page should say "Primary Resouces" and the second yellow page should say "Alternate or Extra Resources," thereby scheduling the books that you see listed on the two tabs of the Excel spreadsheet.


On the Loom cd, one thing that one a real help to me in sorting out which books I needed for my kids levels, which I needed to purchase, or which to get from the library was the "Excel tutorial document on how to use our spreadsheet" which is below the maroon bar that I talked about. Also if you don't have Excel, the next item after that on the Loom is a downloadable Excel reader.


Hope this helps you find the book list! Sit down as you are scrolling through -- it's a long one! :)


AmeliaB in MO

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