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Has anyone read "The Host"?


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I just finished reading it last night!


I'd say it depends on how old your daughter is. There's nothing super graphic in it, but there are unmarrieds sleeping (literally, sleeping) together and other things are implied with kissing and one scene I would consider making-out. No violence to speak of, but I'm not sensitive to it when it's on the page so it's possible I'm not remembering it like others would. One scene where the heroine has to cut herself--that's the only part I can think of. Let's see.....I guess it depends on the age of your daughter and what her sensitivities are. I wouldn't, for example, let a 10-12 year old read it because of the make-out scenes and the heroines struggle with romantic interests, but a 15-16 year old I would.

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My dd read it and loved it. She said there was "romantic" content, but no explicit scenes. The book was part of her book club at Christian school, so I assume the content is acceptable. The book club intends to take a field trip to see the movie when it comes out.


P.S. I am not a Twilight fan and neither is dd, but she said this book was great. I might even be willing to give Stephanie Meyers another try by her recommendation.

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