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Help Keeping a PG Kid Engaged

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My ODD is PG and I am looking for ways to supplement her schooling with fun activities that keep her engaged without feeling like school. I have 4 kids 8 and under so I need her to be doing something creative or using her brain without my help and without it feeling too much like school (if this makes sense!) . I feel like if she isn't doing school then she is either reading or wants to watch tv. Even though she loves to read, I would like for her to have other activities as well. For example, my husband gave her a project to build a sky scraper out of legos. He gave her the measurements that he wanted for the top and bottom and she went to town. She did a really great job and enjoyed it. I am looking for more things of this nature but I am having trouble coming up with things.


What do you do to keep your kids challenged/engaged?




(Sorry if this sounds all mixed up, I was having trouble articulating my thoughts!)

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I have a PG 8 yr old-and I have to say I'm glad I don't have her x4! My hat is off to you!!



I have found that gently encouraging a project helps. For my DD, the last year's project has been the "Plastic Herpetarium", where she's setting up habitats in various plastic recycled containers to house miniature toy reptiles and amphibians, complete with tank labels with common and scientific name, feeding charts, and, now, research reports on previously unknown species (Coluber Mysterium-mystery snake. Specifically, a flower covered, purple wired snake that she got around a lollypop at toys R us!). I can't say I'm terribly THRILLED with having her room be filled with recycled containers, but it's kept her busy and engaged, and she's learning a lot while doing it, so I'm willing to let her put the sliced ham that comes in a container that's going to be perfect for that little plastic beaded dragon in the shopping cart, even though it costs a little more per pound :).


Contests also help. Writing contests, art contests, math contests, science fairs....anything that encourages her to do a project on her own. Having said that, DD's a contest kid and LOVES this sort of challenge, especially when it lets her be with other kids who like what she enjoys.

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Thank you both so much! Both of you were very helpful.


I also can relate to your DDs project. Last summer she was obsessed with making worm habitats. It kept her pretty busy. I guess I will just have to keep finding her little projects to become totally invested in. Right now she wants to make a vegetable garden so maybe I can focus her there for a little while. My DD absolutely loves contests. She did both the Noetic Math Competition and Math Kangaroo and had an amazing time. I would love to find more contests out there for her but I am not sure where to find them. It looks like I will be doing some googling tonight!

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If you've got a county fair, check there for the next couple of months. The list just came out for the one here, and has a LOT of options for under 8 yr olds-maybe she could plan to enter something from her garden or a craft or cooking project. The one here even has a Lego category.

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