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books every 6th grader should have read --help me make a list

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My 6th grader has finished LL7 but it's not the end of the year. Just like he isn't done with math for the year because he finished his txt, he isn't done with reading. Much to his surprise. :)

I am planning to just have him read some must-reads that he might have missed. He is a good reader, but doesn't really like a lot of wordy classics, although I have made him read a few.

I have tried searching for this, but couldn't find a good list. What are the Hive's recommendations?



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Some of the classics I wanted to definitely cover from 3rd - 6th:


Grimm's Fairy Tales

Black Beauty


Swiss Family Robinson

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood


King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Arabian Nights

Wind in the Willows

Tom Sawyer

Alice in Wonderland


Some others we've read:

Treasure Island

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Hobbit

The Jungle Book



I also like looking at the literature book lists for some good private/classical schools.

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I've been going through the booklists for AO and HUFI to get ideas. We have the Yesterday's Classics set, so I'm planning on adding several of them in. I've also looked at the 5th grade lists since both programs are pretty advanced.


The AO list has been posted already, so here's the HUFI one: http://www.charlottemasonhelp.com/2009/07/year-6-program-and-books.html

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