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Cant really type due to injury on right hand.


Dogs were playing and one got his tooth caught on collar of other. I realized something was wrong and called to bigger dog but he didnt come. Ran over, and bigger dog was pulling hard, smaller couldnt breathe, eyes bulging out. Couldnt even get the collar undone. Screamed to dh for scissors and as i reached for collar of little guy he turned and bit me in fear right through my fingernail. Blood everywhere but still trying to get the dogs apart while holding them so bigger doesnt pull more. After about 3 minutes that seem like forever, Finally dh unsnaps collar.


Little guys eye is bulging out and bloodshot. Vet says it will settle down. We r seeing him asap anyway. My finger has a gash in it and nail is bitten through. Little guy is shaking like a leaf, just the stress of the whole thing, otherwise seems okay. Bigger dog is fine.


So upset. I thought he was going to choke to death before my very eyes.

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Goldie had a scary incident with her collar once. Vets always used to put tags on with S-hooks. We had a chain-link fence. I saw Goldie in the backyard flailing around next to the fence. She had somehow gotten the S-hook caught in the chain link fence and was trying to break herself free. I was just happy that it happened while we were home. It took a while for me to get her collar off, but once I did, I took off all the S-hooks and never put them on again.


Now vets only seem to give rings for the tags instead of S-hooks, so I'm happy about that.


I'm glad everything turned out okay.


Take care of your finger.

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