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Finally found a Bible curriculum!

Sarah CB

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Over the years I've looked at different Bible programs and bought a few. I haven't liked any of them but didn't really know what I was looking for either. So, we did character studies and devotionals, memorized scripture and read the Bible and that was fine.


Then I found the Truth and Grace Memory Books. Voddie Baucham recommends them in his book, Family Driven Faith. The books are very simple but also to the point. The first book covers Bible for age 2 to grade 4, the second book covers grades 5 - 8 (I think) and the last book covers high school. Each grade level contains scripture memory, hymns and catechism questions.


So, a first grader would learn a number of different selections from scripture (Luke 2:8-15, John 11:25-26, etc), the Ten Commandments, two hymns, and twenty catechism questions that include things like:


Can anyone go to heaven with this sinful nature? (the previous questions dealt with Adam's sin)

- No. Our hearts must be changed before we can be fit for heaven. (Jeremiah 31:33, 34 Ezekiel 36:25-27; John 1:12, 13; 3:1-10; 1 John 5:1, 4, 18)


What is a change of heart called?

- Regeneration (Titus 3:5-6)


Other questions are What is meant by atonement?, What is justification?, and Did our Lord Jesus ever sin?


6th graders memorize scripture, the Apostles' Creed, learn two hymns, read three books in the Bible, and learn 29 catechism questions from The Shorter Catechism: A Baptist Version.


Grades 9 to 12 memorize scripture, learn hymns, read more of the Bible and learn catechism questions from Hiedelberg Catechism: A Baptist Version.


By the end of the three books, students will have read the New Testament twice, the 4 Gospels three times, Proverbs five times and the book of Psalms twice. Memorization includes (but is not limited to) the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Lord's Prayer, 1 Corinthians 13, various psalms (including 119), plus all the books of the Bible.


I bought all three books for $15.


I'm really looking forward to using this with my kids - it's so simple and yet so comprehensive all at the same time. I love the questions that I'll be teaching to my 2 year old:


Who made you?

- God made me.


What else did God make?

- God made all things.


Why did God make you and all things?

- For His own glory.


How can you glorify God?

- By loving him and doing what He commands.



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Isn't it great when you find just the perfect thing? I tend to be so obsessive sometimes, shopping endlessly online, thinking, "It MUST exist somewhere!", and it's a great feeling when I find "IT". Those books look excellent.


This year, we'll be doing Training Hearts, Teaching Minds (devotions and memorization of the Westminster Shorter Catechism). I'd also like to make sure ds has memorized the Ten Commandments, the Apostles Creed, and the Nicene Creed. For Scripture, he does Awana.



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Yes, it is from a Reformed Baptist pov. I'm Pentecostal and I plan to adapt some of the catechism questions to reflect that. It's really not a huge number of questions that would be identified as Reformed - the vast majority are truths that are cross denominational.

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So my question for you is, what makes it a Baptist version and as a Pentecostal/Wesleyen Reformed does it make a difference if I use it. I still don't understand all the difference b/tw the denominations. :confused:


I think if you're coming from a Reformed background you likely won't have to adapt anything, but you may want to add your own questions/answers about spiritual gifts and baptism of the holy spirit.


I plan to talk to my pastor about what to add/take away after I take a good read through.

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It is going really well. Several of the ladies from our home school group heard Voddie Baucham speak in Kansas City. Of course, I didn't get to go, b/c my ds's children's choir tour from church is ALWAYS the same weekend that KC has their convention!!! But, I digress. Anyway, many of the ladies came home talking about how he emphasized catechizing (sp?) your child. I looked at the Truth and Grace materials, and they were quite good, but we are not Baptist. I went with the WSC, even though we don't completely align with that either. BUT, my ds is quite into ANYTHING that can be set to music and there is actually a WSC set to music that Veritas Press sells! It's GREAT! So, if you have kids that like learning things to music, it is a terrific find.

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Voddie Baucham recommends them in his book, Family Driven Faith.


Just finished reading this book tonight. So much of what he wrote reasonated deep within me. I appreciate his frank and fresh voice. I heard him for the first time a few years ago on Family Life Today radio and nearly "Amen'd" every statement he made!



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I've used something similar over the past few years that I got from Christian Liberty Press. It's a little book called " Memory Work Notebook" by Paul Settle. It has Scripture passages for memorization, Catechism questions for memorization, Hymns to learn (it doesn't give the words and music for the Hymns, just suggested titles) and a few prayers in the earlier years. It also gives N.T. Scripture reading assignments from Grade 7 and up.


The book starts with memory work for ages 3 and goes up to Grade 12. Scripture quotations are taken from both the NIV, and the NKJV. In the early grades it uses the "First Catechism" and from Grade 5 up it uses the Westminster Shorter Catechism. The book is published by Great Commission Publications.


Here is the memory work for Grade 5:


Scripture Memory: Psalm 103: 1-8, Isaiah 46: 9-10, Deuteronomy 29:29, Exodus 20: 3-17 (The Ten Commandments), Matthew 5: 3-10 (The Beatitudes), Ephesians 1: 2-9.


Shorter Catechism: Questions 1-35


Hymns: Onward Chrisitan Soldiers, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Thy Word I Have Hid in My Heart, Sound the Battle Cry.


We haven't used everything as written but it has given us a guideline, and my dc have gone all the way through the First Catechism with this book. :)

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