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Coconut oil s/o - how much do you take daily, and how?


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How much do you consume each day, and how do you actually take it?


I am not eating gluten so I can't put it on toast. I can put a ton on a GF waffle, but I really try to limit those to just treats here and there. I don't love it (or really even like it) in my coffee - not the taste, just the look of it.


I love it in a smoothie, but I just don't make those consistently.


Any ideas, or am I just gonna have to suck it up and do one of the ones I don't really like?

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I usually put a scant teaspoon in my coffee or tea. I've tried using more, but I've found my stomach tolerates several small scattered doses rather than one large dose all at once. I'll bake with it, too, if I'm making something the taste complements.


ETA: I think it's practically unnoticeable in steel cut oats, so I always include it in that.

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