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Guest sarahandrew

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Guest sarahandrew

My 3 yo dd has been loving the 'little house' books, totally engrossed by them and its been great (had to do a little censoring) and surprising...we've made butter and cornbread and played at being panthers (she wants to be a panther at playgroup dress up day) and our family members are all given appropriately 'little house' names most days.


But now that we're half way through 'by the shores of silver lake' she's asking to go back to the beginning cause the language is too old and she's getting bored...so where do I go from here?? We've read 'Charlotte's Web' and listened to 'wind in the willows' and 'Anne of green gables'...does anyone have any other ideas?

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A Little Princess.

Secret Garden

Chronicles of Narnia

Jungle Book

Winnie the Pooh


Tales of Tiptoes Lightly

The Wise Enchanter

Peter Pan

Alice in Wonderland

Charlottes Web

Brothers Grimm

Mary Poppins

The Borrowers

Milly Molly Mandy


Ella Enchanted

The Indian in the Cupboard

My Father's Dragon

100 Dresses

seven little Australians

Pippy Longstockings

All-Of-A-Kind Family


HTH xxx

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Guest sarahandrew

Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to reply...some really great ideas! I am hanging out for our trip to the library tomorrow :)

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