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Last call for the WTM board meet-up at the Cincinnati convention next week!

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Just realized I posted this on the chit chat board and never got it here on the regular boards. Oops! If you're going to the Cincy convention next week and haven't heard yet, we're having a board meet-up. It's going to be Friday at the Duke. If you want the rest of the info, you can join either the social group or connect with our FB group. You can pm me or Gardeningmama for info. :)

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Margaret, my dad was in the navy and I never got to go on a Tiger Cruise. My brother did, but not me. Hmm, maybe you could jump in someone else's suitcase? Other people are flying out from there... :D


Maybe next year. This year is kind of a low year on the roster anyway. Two political people (Ron Paul, Dick Morris) and no real draws for homeschooling speakers, just the same people we've had every year. It will be fine, but it won't be AMAZING like it has been some years in the past. But I'm with you wanting that recharge that comes from being with a lot of people doing the same thing. :)

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I am going & would like to meet up with you all again (my husband & I met you all last year too). But, I can't access anything on the social group. I'm listed as a member, but when I click on "View Discussion" I get a "sorry, you don't have permission to view this page" notice.

So, if you could PM me where everyone is meeting, we'd love to connect again.

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