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One kid fooled, two to go.


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Ds was working at the dining room table on some paper or studying or whatever for one of his classes. I sat down, asked him to open my fingernail polish and then sent him to put some laundry in his room. He came back to me apologizing and this: The look on his face was great. What came out of his mouth was another matter!!!!



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When I was 6 came up with an April Fool's Day prank, but I decided it was too cruel to actually pull off. My idea was to push the purple and black crayons out of their wrappers and swap them. I was wracked with guilt over the thought, however, because I would have been very upset if someone had done it to me!


As a teen I got over my problem with pranking people and pulled off some gems like jalapeno toothpaste, amazingly realistic fake barf (plus a lead-up acting job by a 3rd party), and a dummy that nearly gave the target a heart attack.

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my dd has about 200 large blue fly pupae in our fridge, I dared her to put them in someone's car to hatch out, but she just can't bring herself to do it, I can't either, but it would be a great prank. They are large and dumb and fly slow, so no real harm.

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Whoa--no on the fly pupae. I would have a car crash if a bunch of flies

hatched on a warm day and

started flying around me in the car...


I loathe flies more than any other creature...






I love the nail polish though--and the soap thing!

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