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Lunch ideas (visiting inlaws)


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Help! I'm making my grocery list (favorite pastime, btw...) for this next week while my inlaws are visiting. I have NO idea what to plan on for lunch. My kids eat the same thing every week - grilled cheese Mondays, quesadilla Tuesday, etc., not the same thing every day. :) I'm losing weight (yea!) and I eat differently than they do. My husband DOES eat the same thing everyday :) so I can easily plan on his items. Plus, I have two children with different food allergies, one who is only gluten free and one who is just plain picky. :) Put all that together and the result is me. At a loss. My inlaws aren't hard to please or anything, It's just what I typically make for the children might not sound as super to an adult. So I'm ready for ideas - recipes or restaurants... :)

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My m&d are picky--so what I'd suggest is stuff I wouldn't serve them.


How about a nice salad with some grilled chicken on it? Spring greens (a lovely mix), a handful of dried crans, some pine nuts, and if they like it, some bleu or gorgonzola cheese, maybe some red grapes...with a balsamic dressing. Or more of a veggie salad--lettuce/cukes/a little pepper/some grape toms...


A good soup with bread? Homemade bread or warm baguette...


A nice toasted/grilled ham or turkey and cheese on a good bread, with a side of slaw or a mixed fruit salad...


Good burgers with sweet potato fries and slaw...or salad.


Now I'm hungry.

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