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Would LOVE math advice for non-math oriented rising 12th grader (m)

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who is finished with Algebra 2. She'll be going to community college after high school. Do we need Pre-calc (which is next in the Math U See series)? Any suggestions for a practical math program for 12 grade?





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Guest Katia

Could she take the placement test at the community college and just take her math there this year? It would be a good introduction to the college she'll be spending the next two years at, and she'll start out with some math credits under her belt as well.

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If your dd has completed MUS high school math (Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry) then *yes, absolutely* move her into the MUS PreCalculus course for 12th grade. It is primarily Trigonometry, and she will need the concepts that are further developed in MUS PreCalc to be ready for College Algebra (which includes a lot of trigonometry at most college campuses).


You might also consider a more "traditional" Algebra II textbook for "review" that would allow her to bridge some ideas taught at an elementary level in MUS to a more traditional level of rigor in today's PS classrooms.





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