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I searched..I promise, has anyone tried A+ math CDs?


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So I am looking for new math program for DS9 and DD6 and TT was interesting, but $$$. So I found A+ math CDs on Rainbow Resource .

Anyone use it? Any opinions? Was it on target for the levels/ too easy/ too hard?

Thanks for any info ;)


(I did download the samples and will have kiddos try them, but wanted to see if anyone had used them for a year had opinions about them)

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Sounds intriguing, but I've never heard of it before.


Did you see their website? There is a video demo there, and it says that you can try it free for a month: http://www.aplustutorsoft.com/


It looks a little less polished than Teaching Textbooks, and seems to involve a lot of multiple choice questions-- I'm not sure that is ideal.


Still, I'd love to hear more!



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Currclick has sample downloads. We received the 3rd grade full program and tried it. My DD enjoyed it and learned, but I could not get past the way numbers were pronounced. The instructor would often add an "and" while saying a whole number. For instance she would say, "one hundred and twelve" instead of "one hundred twelve:"


Having that tiny little breach of the rules bothered me too much to stick with the program.

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Guest kbalman

I reviewed A+ Tutorsoft as well and we love it. I like how complete it is, no gaps. We use 1st grade CD version. I actually liked it so much that I now work with Vinod doing all his social media. If you have issues getting the 100% free trial working call him 317-514-1031 or even me 678-457-0802 if you want to talk to a homeschool mom (I may be able to help). I personally feel it is right at grade level and maybe even a little above on a few things. TT doesnt make anything for under 3rd grade. Here is my review http://www.kathysclutteredmind.com/2013/01/a-tutorsoft-review-amazing-homeschool.html. I have tried about 5 curriculums in the last 1 1/2 and A+ was the only one that worked for my DD7. My DD5 uses certain sections of the 1st grade.


The worksheets, interactive quizzes, final quizzes and cumulative quizzes are NOT all multiple choice.


AND there is a fabulous 50% off coupon promotion now. Get 50% off any of the curriculum CD or online with code SPoffer50 it expires Sunday.

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