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Would this be enough? Language arts

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I'm still trying to decide between the two paths below for my ds, who will be 12 soon. This is a four day a week schedule since I'm aiming for 4 days, though we may have to up it to five soon:



A Brave Writer inspired approach:

  • Copywork/dictation using maybe Simply Spelling (daily)
  • Once weekly work from Igniting Your Writing or ???
  • Once weekly work on a history or science written narrative or a writing project
  • Once weekly free writing
  • Once weekly projects from this list



Or I simply go with WWS 1.


I want him to like writing, to enjoy the process, but still learn all the basics. Feedback? Suggestions?

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I'm actually planning a bit of a hybrid of your options for my soon to be 12 year old next year. We are going to start WWS1 but take it a bit slowly (I also think I might avoid the literary analysis lessons and stick with incorporating more of Teaching the Classics to our literature time). I also plan on copy work and dictation the BW way once a week (since it only takes a small amount of time and the boys like it, we'll do a copy work passage, a "French dictation", and then a full dictation). We will also keep Fridays as free write time. So, M-Th will be formal lessons from WWS, at a different point in our day on T-Th, we will do our BW copy work/dictation, and Fridays will be left for free write time. (My middle ds, who will be a younger fifth grader next year, but who is a bit advanced in school, will be doing writing with my oldest.)

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