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Kinda Neat (PC - puppy content)

Pamela H in Texas

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So, next door to the gym we work out in, is a service dog place. Well, I figured my dog won't really be a service dog; but I do want her to be trained and I would LIKE if she were a little "more' than "just a dog" in certain ways. As a foster-adopt family, we have had and adopted children with many issues such as attachment disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, etc. So it *would* be nice if she could be just a little "more."


Well, so I stopped in this morning as the poor woman was trying to give everyone a potty break. I guess my timing wasn't great. But she talked to me briefly and said that they particularly focus on PTSD dogs! She said she'd call me this afternoon and set up a time to come out with her partner to meet and evaluate Heidi and work out training.


Isn't that so cool?

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Oh, and I wasn't clear about this in my OP. I went in there hoping for a referral. I never dreamed THEY could help me.

Also, I went to their website and found out they are MUCH more involved than I ever dreamed.

I cannot believe they can help me when they are doing what they are doing normally!

Wow....I simply cannot believe they would be willing to help me with Heidi. I cannot wait for her to call back now!

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Okay, sometimes I'm dumb. I think stress had stolen my brain these days.


So the lady from the service dog place called yesterday afternoon (once I saw their schedule on their website, I kinda figured Friday was pushing it). She was very nice. She said that they would be happy to help me with Heidi. She said we could work specifically on "therapy dog" training (remember up above when I kept trying to find a word, basically saying "not service dog" but "something more."). Of course, I think we're at puppy training right now.


So now I've gotten to work with her a bit more. She is 99% on sit. She is doing well with "down." "Stand" is probably only 50% so far.

She does well when she has to really potty (a real amount of pee, poop, etc). She tinkles (like 3 drops of pee?) on the floor, usually the tile, occasionally (and did on my son's bed last night!).

She does really well when we mess with her ears, feet, tail, nose, etc (while eating, loving on her, etc).

Totally would love to get her to quit chewing on us (esp feet) and messing with hers and Josie's poor. YUCK!

Mostly, I want her boundary trained (don't leave garage without invitation; don't leave yard without permission/leash). This is *very* important to us.


But after we get the basics out of the way, the therapy dog training will be GREAT! I cannot wait!


BTW, cute pic of Heidi on my blog. Her ears now stand up! She's growing so fast. Our speech therapist was SO surprised when she came this morning.

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