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Mastering Mathematics (Letz Farmer) -OR- Jump Math- anyone?

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I'm familiar with Jump Math, and have poured over their entire website for months. My son has autism, and this is what we'll be using next year. I've never heard of Mastering Mathematics until now, so I just spent a bit of time on their website. My initial reaction is that Mastering Mathematics is hard on my eyes. Not just the website, but the samples they have up. The blue, the size of the blue font, oy! The page that has the lesson on it is WAY too wordy for my son, and if other lessons are similar, then we'd scrap that program really quick. Jump Math's slow, incremental approach by (most often) showing rather than telling (and when they do tell, they are less verbose) is more up my son's alley, but I can't speak for your children. ;) Can you print off the samples from both and see which your dc prefer?


I was torn between several programs, and it did take months to decide. I still get *almost* pulled in by Touch Math, but not quite. As much as you have my sympathies for having to decide, you also have my envy because it's a fun thing to be doing! Keep pouring over both and trying the samples and you should be able to figure out the best fit for your dc. I hope someone else can chime in here as well and help more than I did! :)

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