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What do I need to make Classical Conversations Foundations easy?

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I know I only NEED the Foundations guide and tin whistle. But I'm willing to get extras if it makes it all easier to do. How much have you used the timeline cards? Do you use them along with singing the song, all at the same time? Or pull them out on their own?


What is all on the audio CD? Could I just purchase the timeline audio for $8.00? Or is there something more beneficial on the cd?

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The audio cd also has songs for the history sentences, the skip counting, the Latin. But you can probably get the songs from the online community... plus there are other songs there - for some of the math formulas and laws - maybe grammar or science - not sure.


If you want your dc to review memory work on their own you could either subscribe to the online community ($6 per month?) or get the resource cd-rom.


Honestly, I haven't used the timeline cards as much as I thought I would this year because I kept them in page protectors in notebooks instead of displaying them. We did read the backs quite a bit, but I think we would have used them more if I had laminated and added velcro (with the other part of the velcro on a display board).... or I think I saw somewhere that someone put them on rings on a rod of some kind. (But I really don't want to put velcro on these, so I'm not sure what I'll do to display them more next year).

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The TL and Science cards are wonderful, very pretty and informative BUT...Unless you are using the CC TimeLine as the springboard for your history curriculum, the TL cards aren't really necessary. We have a different history curriculum going and I felt pressured to read the 7 cards that were covered each week even though we weren't studying that time in history. We did use them to have my son put them in order from memory but we only did that once. I do like bamagirl's idea about pulling out the 7 cards of the week and having them visible all week. However if you just want them to see the 7 items covered each week, you could just copy them on a white board. I don't think you need the actual card with all the stuff on the back. The science cards are nice too but, same thing...We really haven't used them since we are doing something else for our science curriculum. Some of the pictures on the front are nice but not helpful for study. Like when we did parts of a flower I expected there to be a flower that was all labeled on the front but instead it was an up close pic of a real flower but no labels.

I agree with the other posters about the audio CD. All the memory work is on there which helps on car rides. I did get the small memory cards that you can put on a ring. They are pretty nice to have. You can put only the weeks that were covered on a ring and give them to your child to go through and study. They are portable so they are good for the car, appts, etc. They did come out with an ipad app for about $15 I think, but I think it is just for cycle 1 which is over soon. They might be working on cycle 2, who knows.

So, if I had to do it again...foundation guide, tin whistle, audio CD, small memory cards.

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