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Suddenly extra affectionate . . . sign of insecurity?

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Since early preschool age ds been sort of detached about giving hugs and stuff. I figured it was because he was a boy and didn't push it, though we are an affectionate family over all and I do expect him to at least give good night hugs and put up with mommy's occasional need to give him a squeeze and a peck. Within the last couple months, DH and I have both noticed that he is suddenly becoming almost overly affectionate though . . . well, for him at least. He tackles me to give me hugs when I least expect it . . . sometimes with almost disastrous results since I'm carrying a hot drink or pulling something out of the oven. (We cracked down on staying away when the oven is involved or mommy is doing something that might make hugs dangerous IMMEDIATELY of course). DH noticed that he comes up behind him to wrap his arms around Daddy's neck and say "I love you" at the most random moments. It is soooo sweet and we're both soaking it up. At the same time, I can't help but wonder if the suddenness of it all may be a sign of insecurity? Are phases like this common with boys? He's nearly 7 years old. There have been a few changes in our home environment that may be influencing it: we are housing an exchange student (which has not been a cake walk of an endeavor) and I'm expecting again.

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