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Need Exercise Video Recommendations


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I need some recommendations for exercise videos that deal with strength training. I've never really done strength training. I can tell I keep getting weaker and weaker all over but my back/core is pathetically weak. We just had our last baby (hopefully) a year ago. I'm about 50 pounds overweight right now (my profile pic is old). I've got a Waters Tsunami Pro indoor cycle that I really love for cardio. I also enjoy walking. But I would really like some videos that would run me through a strength training program. I really need the interaction rather than just reading through exercises in magazines. So I'm looking for a video that would help with all over strength but really target the core.



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Bob Harper's is my favorite because they are only ~30 min. each workout and he shows you easy, medium and harder ways for each workout usually.

http://www.amazon.co...ords=bob harper


I suggest starting with NO weights just to get the hang of the workout and then add light weights and increase as you get stronger.


This has helped me to now do JM Body Revolution. My teenage sons do P90X and that is WAY too hard!

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