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Non-candy stuffing for plastic Easter eggs for egg hunt?


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How about treat slips? Think of various things (like picking the movie for a movie night) that they might consider a real treat and put a slip inside stating the item. For my DD11 just the promise of visiting the mall (whether we buy anything or not) gets her excited.


There's also a lot of "puzzle" erasers out now -- small erasers made up of multiple parts. My kids love these, though I consider them a "toy", since they never get used for erasing.


Have you asked your kids what type of small things they might like to find in the eggs? Emphasis on small -- not just in size, but expense, if you are to fill a bunch of eggs.


NOTHING perishable, and no chocolate. The in-laws' dogs might find anything tasty, and if they don't things rot quite quickly in our heat and humidity.

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We used to put numbers in some eggs. Then after the eggs were all found and opened they would get to go to the dining room and find the prize on the table that cooresponded to the number.


Anything from jump ropes, side walk chalk, giant stuffed easter bunny, puzzles, books, games, small Lego kits, bubbles, hair items....


This way we weren't limited to what fit inside the eggs.



We had an 8 year age span between some kids who were egg hunting with us. We would hide 400 eggs for 4-8 kids. To avoid the older kids getting all the loot, we did somethings to even the score a bit. We had times when we hid special eggs (they looked different than the regular eggs) and each person was told they could find up to 2 of them, but if they found more they were to leave them for someone else to find. Inside these eggs were numbers also. Then when they kids got to the prize table they were allowed to pick any prize, in order of who had the lowest number. So, the person with the 1 went first, then 2, then 3..... (since each person could only have 2, it made it a bit more fair. It was hard to find items that would work for all age spans though, so it made prizes a bit harder to plan)

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for the littles, we put goldfish crackers, Annies Bunny grahams and Annie's cheddar bunnies. When they got older, we put small hotwheels cars, squinkies, bendable toys, erasers, small bouncy balls, playdoh, stampers with easter theme and special stickers in them. We have never even thought about doing candy so far ...

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Thanks for all of the ideas! I especially like the ideas of slips of paper relating to bigger gifts. My girls are saving to buy gerbils, and I'd rather spend the money getting them some supplies they'll need. So, I'm thinking that I'll get a blank puzzle, put a clue on it for where to find their prize, then take the puzzle apart and put the pieces in the eggs.

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I recently saw an idea online to put puzzle pieces in the GFS and then the kids have a puzzle to put together when they are done hunting. I thought that was a great idea!



We did this years ago and had a problem when we couldn't find a piece to it. We hide 400 eggs over about a 1/4-1/2 acre so we knew it was a possiblity that we wouldn't find it but it was still a bummer.


We only loose 2-3 eggs each year but it does happen.

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We actually never put candy in them.


We do put:

Math dice (the dice within dice are the most popular)


angry bird eraser puzzles

temp tattoos

coins (INSANELY popular with my kids and I make them count them up MWAHahahaha)

seed packets (surprisingly popular- easy ones like nasturtiums, marigolds, sweet peas, etc.)

gemstones, crystals, rocks & minerals (my boys have some nerdy hobbies that I love to encourage)

shells for their hermit crabs

bouncy balls

finger puppets


I've found surprisingly fun stuff at the dollar store in the past. In their basket we always put art supplies and junk like that in addition to some candy. We usually try to make a bunch of it stuff they DO things with, like scratch-off pictures, dot-to-dots and star wars sticker books because they always have to sit through worship rehearsal on Easter morning while my husband and I play in the band at church. When they get older I imagine there will be books and science kits/tools involved.

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My mom saves her change all year. So, ours are mostly money. But, I would love some ideas. I hate just buying a bunch of plastic junk to fill Easter Eggs.


We put money in our eggs, too. We mostly use coins, but I put bills in some of them, to add more incentive to keep hunting. :)

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I just stuffed our eggs this morning.... Here's what I put....



Dollar bills

Stickers....my girls love to sticker

Small Schleich animals

Homemade coupons (stay up 40 minutes later, choose an app from iTunes, pick dinner, snuggle time with mommy, snuggle time with daddy, no school today, etc)

And I'll throw in some dye free candies when I stop by Whole Foods tomorrow)

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We save our spare change in a jar (silver coins only-- no pennies) and fill the eggs with coins.


We also hide 'confetti eggs' and the girls have an egg fight after the hunt.


The big girls hide 2 LARGE eggs and DH and I hunt for them. These eggs have candy and we DO NOT SHARE!


(I do have a very small chocolate bunny for each of the girls--but 2 girls are over 20-- they can get their own candy!)

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