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Does anyone use E-cloth for cleaning?


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We ordered these AND Norwex last week. My friend sells Norwex. All the rage in our group of friends. I wanted to prove that I could get a cheaper alternative which did the job as well or better. I used both and didn't tell my family my thoughts. Then I asked dd13 to try both. She and I both concluded that Norwex is worth every penny. Ecloth is very flimsy in comparison and smaller, and the drying cloth got too wet too quickly. Buy norwex. I told my Norwex friend she should bring ecloths to every party to show naysayers. I think she'd sell more that way; they were that much worse in quality. I bought them bc/ of the Real SImple backing they received. I can only presume that Real Simple didn't test Norwex, maybe bc/ it is multi-level. I'll be mailing back the ecloths at my expense bc/ I ordered a large amount of them to have them in every bathroom and kitchen too. HTH!

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